Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Favorite Film Makers/Actors/Directors

So Tyler and Jordan have been taking film classes together at the ALC (Advanced Learning Center) this year. They love it! It is through UVU and are earning college credits as well. Jordan is actually on track to graduate high school with his diploma and Associates Degree at the same time! I hope he keeps it up! They attend Payson High School on A days and then on B days they are bussed from Payson to Springville to attend the ALC. There is only 7 kids in their class. They absolutly love going there and love their teacher, Mr. Arnold. They have learned so much this year and have made some pretty amazing videos and animations. They also get to go on a lot of field trips. They took the Front Runner to Salt Lake and went to a student showing of the Sundance Film Festival at U of U. They even got to do a Q & A with the Director of some of the films afterwards. They really enjoyed that. Tyler really loved that they got to go see Interstellar (his new favorite movie) at the movie theatre when it first came out, during the school day, for a field trip. Mr. Arnold drove them all there in the ALC mini van. They also got to go on a tour of the BYU animation/film department. And got to go  to a speach by Ed Catmull, President of Pixar Animation, given at the Marriot Center at BYU. They have got to do all kinds of fun things that really interest them that they would have never had the opportunity to do if we were still living in Idaho. It has sparked so much creativity in them and has really made them become even closer as they share the same interests. The ALC lets them check out fancy cameras, green screens, microphones and all sorts of film making equipment. They have had so much fun. They both entered 3 Film Festivals this year. The first one they entered was the Utah High School Film Festival. 
 Tyler entered the Animation he made. He made an awesome robot and made him dance like Napolean Dynamite. It was only 30 seconds long and they wanted it to be at least a minute. He put so much detail and time into it that it took him so long just to do that because he wanted it perfect. He was really happy with it and entered it anyway. He recieved "Honorable Mention" for his animation titled, "Sick Dance Video". I think he would have recieved much higher if it would have been longer. But he was still very happy with how his video turned out. He didn't care.

Jordan entered the short film category. He made a futuristic commercial with an akward, used car salesman feel to it. He titled it, "Garr Bith's Used Lightsabers". He won" First Place" in the Comedy division!

The second film festival they entered was The Utah Digital Arts Media Festival. They entered their same videos in all three festivals. This one Tyler received "Best of Show" for his 3D Animation. He won a year subscription for "After Affects", something he has always wanted. Although he won't be able to use it for the full year because he will be leaving on a mission this year. But he was still very excited. And Jordan was too. He can use it when Tyler is gone.
    Jordan won "First Place" for his video, and recieved a Cromecast. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but it hooks to the back of the TV and then you can watch "You Tube" or other stuff from your phone and project it onto the TV.

The last film festival they entered this school year was The Nebo Film Festival. It was the smallest of the three and just consisted of the five high school's in our District. They had a lot of fun at this one because they knew the kids because a lot of them attend classes at the ALC. It was pretty much the end of the school year party. The ALC teachers made it really fun for the kids. The rented the Spanish Fork Movie Theater and rolled out the red carpet for them. They wanted to rent a limo and asked for $10 donations from the kids, but I guess they didn't get enough. They had all of us stand outside the theater and loaded the kids/directors into the ALC mini vans at the back of the theater. Then Mr. Arnold drove them around to the front of the building where all us "fans" and paparazzi were and let them get out and make their entrance on the red carpet leading into the theater, while we all cheered and took pictures. It was a lot of fun! Tyler won "2nd Place" for his animation here, and "1st Place" for a short movie he and his classmate, Albert made called "Hippie Fries". Albert was the Director, Tyler was the Cinematographer, and Jordan had a small cameo in it. 
   Jordan won "1st Place" for his short film again and also won the award for "The Best up and Coming Film Maker". 
They really have enjoyed their time together at the ALC and were sad to see it come to an end. They said they are going to continue and go up to the ALC this summer.

This is Tyler and Jordan's film submissions. They are on "You Tube"

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Payson High School Prom 2015

Tyler and Jordan went in a group together for Prom this year. It was on May 2,2015 and was held in the Courtyard at UVU in Orem.  Tyler is a Senior and Jordan is a Sophmore. This was Jordan's very first date. His friends kept asking him to ask a girl to Prom so they could go together as a group. Jordan was having a problem finding a date though because he said all the cute girls had already been asked. He told me he would really love to take Hope Higley, his long time friend/crush from Idaho, out for his first date. I told him that would be fine with me. He could go to Prom in Idaho or here in Payson.  Hillcrest High Prom was the same night. But it was only about 2 weeks away and I thought that Hope would have already been asked. But that he could try and ask her anyway. So he texted her first, just to see if she'd been asked already. She said she hadn't. He asked her in a text if she would like to go with him! She said yes. Jordan told her that he could come up there and take her to her Hillcrest Prom, or she could come down here and go to his Payson Prom. She was indifferent so they decided to go to Payson High's Prom. He was happy because it would be easier to plan with his current friends here.
Tyler didn't know who to ask either. He wasn't even sure he wanted to go but I kept trying to talk him into it and that it would be fun for him to go in a group with Jordan since they always have fun together. Our friends from Idaho, the Farnsworths came and stayed with us a month earlier over their Spring Break. Their daughter Kaylee bought a dress for Prom while she was down here, anticipating that she would get asked and may not have another shopping opportunity in UT before the Prom. Ron and I and Daren & Michele Farnsworth have always teased our kids that would one day marry each other. They have 5 girls! So Tyler and Kaylee have hung out quite a few times together before but always with their families too. Well Kaylee never ended up getting asked and she was really bummed about it. Darin and Ron arranged for them to go to Prom together (with the permission of Tyler) The Farnsworths were coming down to UT that weekend anyway for a family babtism. So it worked out perfectly. They stayed over night at our house, and were also able to go to the Payson Temple Open House while they were here. It also worked out well to have Michele here to take their Prom Pictures. She is a very talented photographer. After plans were arranged, we had Darin do something for the girls to officially ask them. It was Tyler and Jordan's idea. Jordan had Darin deliver a whole Pineapple, a red rose, and a box of a dozen donuts to Hope's doorstep. On the box of donuts it said, "Roses are red, donuts are da bomb, now it's offical we are going to Prom".  The pineapple was his signature. He said she would know who it was from just from leaving her that. It was an inside joke between them in reference to the TV show "Psyche" that they both like.
For Kaylee, Darin brought her a pizza and a yellow rose. On the Pizza box it said, "Some roses are yellow, pizza is da bomb, will you go with me to the Prom? If your answer is yes, eat the pizza and throw away the box. If your answer is no, eat the box and throw away the pizza. -Tyler" Both girls seemed to like it. Hope couldn't figure out how Jordan got it to her. Jordan just told her that he has his ways.
So both Tyler and Jordan took girls from Idaho to the Payson Prom. Jordan's friends kept teasing him of his "mysterious, exotic date from Idaho" since they had never met her.
Jordan's date, Hope and her mom and sister, Faith and her friend came down and stayed the night in a hotel. Faith and her friend went to Lagoon for the day while Hope and her Mom, Rebecca came down to Payson. Rebecca came in and visited with Ron and I for a while after the kids left. It was really nice. They lived right across the street from us on Barnwood Drive for about 6 years. We talked about how Jordan and Hope would sit out on their front porch and talk for hours on warm summer nights and how they have always liked each other and how perfect it was that they were each others first date. I was so thankful they went through all the expense and effort to come down.
So first for their date, they went to the Promenade at the High School. They go up on stage and are introduced to the audience as a couple and they get their picture taken. That was a first for us. They didn't do that in Idaho, but I guess they have been doing it at Payson High for YEARS. Then the group came back to our house and Michele took their pictures at the Park and on the trail near our house. Then they left for dinner. Tyler drove him and Kaylee in our Blue Sonic. Jordan rode with a couple of his friends in a '56 Chevy, and the rest rode in another car. They all met up in Provo and ate at a restuarant called La Jolla. They said it was really nice and had lots of Lemon trees with lights in them where they were seated. They also said they saw a man propose to a women while they were eating. Next they went to the dance at UVU which was outside and said it was fun. Tyler and Jordan were practicing some pretty crazy dance moves in the living room, the night before. They got quite the work out so they were hot and were so happy when they found out that the dance was going to be outside. Afterwards they went over to Landin's house (one of Jordan's friends) to play games.
Jordan said it was fun but he was worried Hope didn't have that much fun. I think she did, he just had such high expectations because he wanted it to be so awesome for her since she came all the way down here to go with him. I told him in advance it would be a little akward for the girls since they don't know anyone in the group or school. The girls do know each other. We all lived on the same street, but they were never really friends. Kaylee's a year older than Hope. But all in all it turned out well. It was kind of weird and funny though that Tyler just drove his date back to our house when it was over and she spent the night. Ha Ha. (with her family) Courtney and their daughter, Brinley are best friends.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dayna & Andrew McCorristin

My niece Dayna and Andrew on their wedding day. It was a beautiful wedding and reception. They                                  were married in the Mt Timpanogos Temple on Dec 29, 2012

                                                     Dayna and her Dad, Tad Olson
                                            Dayna and her Mom, my sister, Annette Olson
                                                                 Courtney Anderton
                                                                        Austin Anderton
                                     Ryan Olson, Eric Allmon and Jordan Anderton in front.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We have another Teenager in the house!

First off, let me appologize for these pictures. They really are not clear. This is Jordan's 13th Birthday. He woke up to the traditional "Breakfast in Bed" with his choice of french toast sticks, bacon, fresh fruit and apple juice.

In the afternoon we went to the movies and saw the second Ghost Rider. (I don't recommend it, btw. We were all let down) Then we went out for lunch to Jordan's choice, Texas Roadhouse (such a daddy's boy)

Afterwards we came back home for cake and icecream and to open presents from the family.

From 6-10pm Jordan invited nine of his friends over for pizza & video games in the fun little "man cave" we created in our unfinished family room downstairs.
We hung Christmas lights and replaced the recessed lights with black light bulbs.

 The boys helped themselves to an ice cream sundae bar with all the toppings. Jordan had a birthday candle in his icecream, as seen in the above picture.

All the kids had a great time. I am so thankful Jordan has such good friends. They are all such good boys. It always makes me feel good when Jordan tells me at the end of the day that his birthday parties are the best and so much fun! I sure love Jordan. He is such a great kid! It has been so fun watching him grow up to be such an awesome young man. I am so proud of him. I love you Jordan! Happy Birthday!

Oh, and before I forget, this is the invitation Jordan sent out to all of his friends. Tyler helped him make it and the two of them were laughing so hard while doing it. This is what those crazy kids came up with...
His friends thought the invitation was pretty funny. Especially Cooper Murri!